Funcube dongle pro plus sdrsharp software

The secret to success using howard longs original funcube dongle pro is using free sdrdx software, a preamp, and a par notch filter to eliminate adjacent channel pager interference. Amateur radio hobbyist n4jtcs has shared on his blog his experiences with receiving the funcube1s telemetry using his rtlsdr dongle. Any telemetry for one of the other funcube satellites can be captured and forwarded to the central data warehouse. It covers lf, mf, hf, vhf, uhf and l band coverage is 150khz.

This requires the use of an antenna designed for receiving such a signal, for example a quadrifilar helix antenna or a turnstile antenna. Reread your fcdpp user manual, and reverify that it can hear signals with the sdrsharp software. If you prefer to play on the vhf and acar frequencies, i think it is much convinient to invest in a small wideband lna if you can not build one by yourself, a filter and a simple tvdongle, any type, e4k, 820. I have tried on and off since i purchased the above to get it working, without success i have reloaded the 18j firmware from you website and followed the instructions all loaded ok. Checking funcube pro plus dongle frequency calibration against known standards then looking for an active ham band. While i was playing with a synthetic voice generator i decided to prepare this short presentation to help how to update the funcube dongle firmware update to version 18f. The big advantage of spectravue compared to other sdr software is that its simple in use and it has very good possibilities in showing extreme weak signals. Apr 23, 20 download qthid funcube dongle controller for free. Noaa19 apt recption using gnu radio and a funcube dongle antenna.

This usb type works with my computer soundcard asus xonar essence stx. Insert the funcube dongle into the usbport from your computer. It is shipped in a professional manner, better than many companies. Sdr is a windows solution for software defined radio sdr receivers and transceivers. Funcube dongle pro plus yaesu ft950 first if at 69,45 mhz bandwidth 192 khz sdr console version 2. Chinese rocket fails during launch of indonesian communications satellite. If youre looking for a dongle to use as an rtlsdr, check our page on where to buy rtlsdr tuners. He also used a home made turnstile antenna, the sdrsharp software and the orbitron satellite tracking software to automatically correct for the signals doppler shift as the iss flies over. It is written using the qt sdk and is qthid funcube dongle controller browse 3. With an sdr, many of the functions of a traditional hardwareonly radio are performed in software, such as demodulation, decoding and frequency conversion. On linux it autodetects the correct soundcard from procasoundcards. Simply remove this and restart sdrsharp and accuracy will be bang on. Noaa19 apt recption using gnu radio and a funcube dongle.

Mar 22, 2014 im learning about software defined radio. Theres no point in continuing any further if you havent got your receiver working. Folks, today we spent some time with the new raspberry pi 2 and the funcube dongle pro plus. Airspy mini vhfuhf airspy in a dongle format always keep one in your pocket.

Soyuz crew docks with the international space station. To control the device the hidapi usb version is used. Ive been using the funcube dongle pro plus as my primary receiver for several years, i wouldnt trade it for anything. As many will be aware, the original raspberry pi had a problem with its usb host stack, for which i released a workaround here. Setup decode dstar and mototrbo dmr using sdr funcube.

Airspy r2 the defacto standard for sdr scanning all modes, vhf and uhf. Project documents we intend to publish as many of our working documents as possible here. Currently, to view the telemetry for a particular satellite, it is necessary to run the dashboard for that satellite. It covers lf, mf, hf, vhf, uhf and l band coverage is 150khz240mhz and 420mhz to 1. High dynamic range inside forget about overloading.

Airspy is a line of popular software defined radio sdr receivers developed to achieve high. The video shows basic receive and scanner functions. The funcube is a cubesat a low cost miniature 10 cm cube sized satellite which is intended mainly for educating young people about radio, space, physics and electronics, but has also piqued the interest of amateur radio. Funcube pro plus differs from rtlsdr dvbt stick, with 11 filters to improved quality of reception on radio amateurs and satellite band inculding the amateur band 2m and 70cm bands. By default, the configuration in sdrsharp has a frequency correction of 120ppm, which throws frequency accuracy a bit.

Dec 26, 20 i already had a copy of sdrsharp on my machine and ran that up and changed the input device to be the funcube dongle pro plus. To my disappointment the current version of cw skimmer 1. Funcube dongle pro plus arrived amateur radio peosat. Please i am noticing that if i set the if gain to 20 in the sdrsharp funcube dongle. Be sure you use the following parameters then go to the funcube tab and enter the frequency. Covering 601700 mhz, that initial product was developed in the u.

Tutorial on how to setup pc decode of icom dstar and mototrbo dmr using dsd 1. This is how i got my funcube dongle fcd from here on in working under linux on a samsung n netbook pc using quisk sdr software. Mine works flawlessly and receives dozens of two meter repeaters 100 miles away. Osx or windows integrated 5v bias t switchable from software this is a complete redesign. Feb 08, 2011 funcube dongle guides by david barber. Designed for the commercial, government, amateur radio and shortwave listener communities, this software provides a powerful interface for all sdr users. Unfollow funcube dongle pro to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. On the funcube dongle software defined radio site howard g6lvb says ill be away for a few days next week 19 august to 23 august, so as there will be a short delay in dispatch, im currently offering free shipping until i return if you place an order before i return. By using the rtlsdr to receive the telemetry beacon as the satellite passes overhead, he was able to use the funcube dashboard software to record and decode and view the satellites telemetry data.

Hello howard, i purchased the funcube dongle pro about 3 months ago, at the time it was the latest ver 1. Is there a version ready to be put in the download section. Dec 29, 2016 with the rtl stick sdruno works great,i tried to let it work with the funcube stick and allthough i can receive stations if i checked the wme inpute device to the funcube dongle,i can further do nothing,no changing of memory channels etc etc i presume it has something to do with the dll file in the documents folder has anyone got it to work. Noaa apt transmissions are right hand circular polarized at frequences around 7 mhz. It is written using the qt sdk and is available for linux, windows and mac os x. The file download from the yahoo funcube dongle pro plus group is memberonly and i havent found anything on the internet so far. An introduction to the funcube dongle setting up spectravue with the funcube dongle firmware update guide updated. Using hdsdr with the funcube dongle page 3 in the files section of the funcube yahoo. Please bear in mind that they carry a major health warning they are working documents and they should not be assumed to be perfect nor necessarily to represent the best solutions, and they are subject to change.

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